Fashion inspo from your dad

IMG_0918Many people say fashion recirculates through the years and the looks people are recreating this season is truly inspired by the ‘90s. People are layering t-shirts and dresses under tanks again and distressed denim is more popular than ever. This season’s most popular trends might not be as far away as you think. In fact, walk into your parent’s closet the next time you’re there and dig through all the clothes your dad hasn’t worn for 20 years. Chances are, you’ll find some cute stuff.

I acquired so many good finds while exploring my dad’s closet. My mom worked in a Champion outlet in the ‘90s, so I found a few xl sweatshirts my dad had from when she worked there. I wear these a few different ways. I’ll pair them with leggings or distressed jeans and sandals or wear them as a sweatshirt dress with a pair of ankle boots. If you find a similar sweatshirt, you can pair it with cropped leggings and sneakers for an athletic look or style it with an edgy corset belt.

My fall secret is that my favorite flannels were actually stolen from my dad. They’re more comfortable than any I can find in a store and fit exactly how I want them to. I’ll wear them over cute tanks and with distressed jeans or buttoned up and tucked into a leather skirt. I also found some huge tees that are great for lazy and gym days or to sleep in. One look would be to wear these with biker shorts and a choker.

You might also find a denim jacket, which would be perfect to distress yourself. Large distressed denim jackets will be in style for a long time and can be worn over that new (but old) flannel. Dad hats are also great additions to just about any outfit, especially those athleisure looks. So, go home and get rummaging.

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