Taking gift wrap to the next level


My eyes tend to be drawn to items that are very simple and minimal, so I decided to up my holiday gift wrapping skills and added my preference to the gifts I’m giving out this year. I created a cardboard, grid and plain white wraps. This process was very simple and made the gifts look even more thoughtful and personal, which I know my family will love.

What you need:

Wrapping paper (one roll that has a grid on the backside and one without)



Twine or ribbon


Plain white paper


Gift 1: White paper


This wrap was super easy! All I did was flip the wrapping paper over to have the design on the inside and the blank paper on the outside. I used whatever roll I had sitting in my closet, which turned out to be Sesame Street-themed and was used for my little cousin’s recent birthday.

I liked the way this paper looked, however my only issue with this is that if you stare hard enough at the package you can see the design from the other side. I chose to just ignore this because the lighting is dark under the tree, but if it bothers you then I’d recommend buying either white wrapping paper or paper that has a very light and small design.


Gift 2: Grid paper



This wrapping design was my favorite of this holiday season and was very simple. All you need is wrapping paper that has a grid design on the inside to help with cutting. I turned the paper around for the grid side to be visible and wrapped the gift normally. Then I just traced over the lines with a sharpie to give it a modern grid look. If you can’t find paper like this then just use a ruler to create the grid yourself.


Gift 3: Cardboard paper


I typically hate wrapping gifts with paper because it feels like such a waste to wrap a gift and throw it away right after, so this year I decided to salvage as much of the paper as I could. I used the cardboard that the paper is wrapped around to cover these gifts. It was a lot harder to fold and took a lot of tape, but I really like the way these turned out.


I try to recycle the paper after all of the gifts are open, but saving the paper for next year’s gifts or even using it in place of tissue paper are other ways to conserve as well.

To top off the design I tied twine around the gifts and handmade nametags to make the gift even more cute and personal. All I did for this was cut a piece of plain white paper and draw whatever Christmas-related saying I wanted. Then, I used the scissors to create a little hole through the paper and put a piece of twine through it to tie to the gift. After that, I put the gifts under the tree and was done! This quick process created stunning giftwrap and made the gifts stand out amongst the rest.


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